a guy + a girl + a golden

Saturday, August 12, 2006

This past week, we took the biggest plunge of our lives and put an offer on a new house! We are so excited; we can't wait til the day we have the keys in hand. :)

No, we are not nasty people. But yes, that IS a mushroom growing out of the carpet in a closet in our apartment!!!!! After frantically contacting the maintenance team, they found there had been a water leak behind the wall which prompted this unwelcome fungus to grow. Eeeewww!

Ally finally reached doggy drinking age so we decided she was allowed to go to The Dog Bar with some friends. She had a great time-sniffing other dogs' tails, eating doggie treats off the bar, and drinking to her heart's content. As you can see, it turned in to a pretty hard-core night for her which she regretted on the car ride home. :)